Local Citation

Professional Local Citation to get you real results

It's important you have a content strategy. So, here's a walkthrough to creating a Local Citation strategy.

Local Citation

Genexsoft provides local citation services that help your business organization or your brand to outshine in local search rankings. We are brand builders, digital marketing service providers and search engine service aficionados.

There are thousands of citation sources and cleverly using them is what matters the most. You have to determine the importance of each resource that matter for your local search visibility. Our experts work through the most reputable citation sources to mend erroneous listings, eliminate duplicates and verify that you have only one genuine listing on each site.

Improve Your Local Search Rankings

Citation services are major aspects that govern local search rankings. Digital marketing experts from around the word agree that citations are a key factor and account for 50% of local search rankings.

No Duplicate Listings

We always take NAP consistency in to consideration and believe that there should not be any duplicate entries across the web and we are watchful in ensuring the effectiveness of your citation profiles.

Quick Turn-around

We have a dedicated team that follows streamlined process to make sure that you report will be ready before even you ask for it., which generally takes 3 weeks.

The Right Citations

We have 4 years of concrete experience that helps us to offer you the citation resources that you can trust and the ones that you shouldn’t. We have categorized tons of citation sources that are required for specific businesses.

Guaranteed Information Quality

Our experts check the resources again and again to ensure all the information about your organization and brand is entered carefully and flawlessly.

Volume Discounts

By keeping track of your order history, we facilitate something interesting. Once your orders cross certain number, we lower our prices for all the future orders from you.

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